Waxing hair removal

Waxing hair removal in Barcelona

Waxing hair removal

Our wax hair removal, based on organic wax of absolutely natural warm honey, has as its main qualities its elasticity and softness.

This allows us to work at low temperature, resulting in the following advantages:

  • Noticeable reduction of discomfort when removing wax from the skin.
  • Great extraction power: from only 1 or 2 mm hair size.
  • Total root extraction.
  • Express hair removal! It'll only take 15 minutes!
  • Organic and natural products.

In Cerinova we offer the best equipment to do wax hair removal in all areas. Our precision allows us to do facial hair removal and wax eyebrow hair removal. In addition, we perform male hair removal taking care of your skin thanks to our methods of wax hair removal and IPL.